Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekly training summary, late version

From last week. Busy work week and recovering from that Afton run, punctuated by a not very fast weekday 5K race, and topped off with an elbow recovery milestone. Yes, that's right, I RODE MY BIIIIIIIIKE! (Cue happy music and a little dance.)

Monday: Rest. (Quads sore after Afton run)
Tuesday: Run 5.4 mi. Legs still tired. Sheesh!
Wednesday: French 5K trail race. Hot. Zapped legs. Good company. Kombucha. See report for details.
Thursday: Run 0.5 mi in Luna sandals, then 15 or 20 min of lunges, squats, and calf raises in the park.
Friday: Rest. Crazy rain/wind storm Friday night.
Saturday: Run 2:45 (13-ish miles) at Lebanon Hills with the group. Raining pretty hard at the 5:30 am start, tapered off and got muggy by the end. Lots of mud, standing water, and downed trees. An adventure! I was pretty spent by the end.
Sunday: Slept in. In the evening, ~4 mile BIKE RIDE!

Total: ~22 miles.

Notes on the Luna sandal run: Thursday was a beautiful cool morning after a hot sweaty race the night before. I wanted to be outside but didn't want a big run, so figured it would be a good time to try out the sandals for running. The verdict? Comfortable for a short run, no calf or heel pain, but the straps rubbed on my second toes. Gotta wait for the skin to heal before trying it again. Maybe I need to tighten the straps? Any Luna-experienced folks out there with advice?

Now, about the bike ride: I haven't ridden since I broke my elbow, and was concerned that I wouldn't be able to hold the handlebar comfortable since I can't fully extend it. (Both my bikes have road handlebars -- a mountain bike, commuter, or cruiser would probably be no problem). Turns out, I can ride at least a few miles at a time, though it is definitely more fatiguing when you can't lock one elbow.

And the feeling of freedom you get riding a bicycle? Yeah, I missed that. A little shoulder fatigue won't stop me. I'm riding every day I can.

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