Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly training summary, with Afton run

I suppose this is technically Week X of Twin Cities Marathon training (or week X-2 of Wild Duluth 50K?), but I am determined to spend as much of the summer as possible winging it. I'll start paying attention to my schedule again (modified Hal Higdon Marathon 3) when the long runs get to 16 or 17 miles in a month or so.

Monday: Rest (recovering from a 10 hour drive back from St. Louis)
Tuesday: Run 8.3 miles in 1:31
Wednesday: Rest (busy! work!)
Thursday: Run 7.1 miles in 1:15
Friday: Rest (busy!)
Saturday: Run 15.5-ish miles at Afton State Park in 3:35
Sunday: Run 5.6 miles in 1:07

Total mileage: 36.5

The Big Deal this week (which was devoid of cross training or strength training, thanks to a busy work week) was the run at Afton.  Since we're three weeks out from the Afton Trail Run 25K and 50K, it was fun to see so many runners out on the trails.  Lots of fun to run with friends from Superior, Upper Midwest Trail Runners, and some new acquaintances.

The Afton 25K loop is pretty stout.  Here's the elevation chart (courtesy of the race website):
Yes, I know no climb is more than 300 ft. It's still invigorating.

It's the second time I've done a full loop there; the first was 3 weeks before Superior and involved a long arm cast.  That was a 25 mile, 6 hour run (did some before, then repeated Africa Loop/Back 40 a second time after fighting off a serious bonk) so I was excited to see how it felt without the physical burden of a giant cast and the mental (and physical) burden of another 10 miles.

It was fun to see the course again, and nice to be on it without any snow, ice, or (many) downed trees.  I think I'd forgotten the hill up to the campground, I felt better on the downhills than last time, and the Snowshoe Loop, which had been a real mental struggle last time, was actually kind of fun (in a "crap, I'm really redlining it now!) kind of way.  That last hill out of Snowshoe pretty much did me in, though.  I was very pleased to be finished after a single loop.  But, coming at the end of my biggest mileage week since Superior, I'll take it and put those miles (and hills) in the bank.

- Ate 8-10 dates and half a Larabar, plus 6 S-Caps. Drank ~ 2L water.
- Carried my Nathan Intensity hydration vest. This is the 5th long (13+ mi) run I've worn it for and it has won a permanent spot in my summer running repertoire.
- First long run wearing my new InkNBurn tank top. It's a winner! Awesome fit, no chafing, totally comfortable, got lots of compliments. Only downside relative to my Icebreaker tops: after sweating profusely in it, it stinks. Hope it holds up in the laundry! (the InkNBurn shorts do, so I think it'll be okay).
- Longest run (and 3rd run ever) in my new Saucony Peregrine 3s. Very pleased with these, though my left big toenail was starting to complain on the downhills by the end. The feel is a lot like the Kinvaras, and those have lately been my go-to road shoe.

This morning, my quads called in sick.  They perked up a little during my slow hilly recovery run around the river, but I think they may have now called in dead.  That's okay, this coming week at work is going to be a gnarly one.  My main goal for the coming week is to survive work and make it to the French 5K (race 2 of 4 of the Endless Summer Trail Series on Wednesday night.  Gotta get all the coffee mugs!

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